Healthy Lifestyle Project

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A new publication series has been launched by ONAMAP to help Canadians manage their lifestyles to promte good physical and mental health. Updates on this project will be made available here as they become available.

*Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle*

Tips and Tricks:

Chocolate Bars

Deciding to lose weight doesn’t need to mean cutting out all the things we like from our diets. It means understanding the way the body interacts with foods and managing these interactions.

If you are craving a chocolate bar, start by cutting the selected bar in half and put one half back in its wrapper and into the refrigerator or freezer.

Cut the half bar into 10-12 small nibbles like samples you get at a grocery store. Your body will register the ‘sweet treat’ over a short time but it takes time to register. In 1 minute you could eat 2 whole bars or a few nibbles and by the time your body knows it’s had it’s fill, it’s too late and you’ve scarfed down too much!

Eat them slowly over a short time savouring the flavours. And if you run out, (you’ll be less tempted to defrost the other half hard candybar that’s been in the fridge).

More coming soon!