ONAMAP is a business development agency investing in education, arts, culture and healthy living businesses in Canada. We also operate several businesses of our own and invest in community programs and not for profit organizations internationally.

Over the years, ONAMAP has grown from humble beginnings starting as a trade company in Vancouver, BC and growing into a media marketing and advertising agency in Toronto, ON. Since then we have released over one hundred publications of our print media with more to come.

We operate a partnership between our company and community arms. More information on the arms of ONAMAP is below.


With over 40 Canadian businesses currently part of the network, ONAMAP is an exciting place to be. We work with industry partners to build businesses and develop new opportunities across our network.


ONAMAP began as a community outreach initiative and holds community development at its core. In addition to funding the Canadian Anti-bullying Coalition and offering grants to teachers, ONAMAP supports the arts by providing various services at no charge for new artists to get started in the industry.

Our little story

As we are still growing, there will be more coming to our new website in the coming months. Check back often!